Handle all customer service activities without leaving the WhatsApp chat page

*open via chrome on your Desktop

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Unleash your CS superpowers

calculate shipping cost on the spot

When the customer provides address details, you can immediately inform the postage rate up to the sub-district level, without leaving the whatsapp chat

QUICK REPLY by calling name + picture

When a customer asks a common question, we can reply immediately with a template message that has been prepared, and at the same time can call the name & attach a picture


Sort the contact panel so only specific customer chats appear according to certain funnels and tags, without being distracted by irrelevant customers


"Mark" customers with specific needs/groups so that it is easy to distinguish treatment, whether it's a customer who complains, feedback, suggestions, testimonials, etc.

SAVE important messages

If there is a message that we need to document, whether it's a complaint, criticism, suggestion, testimony, we can save it right away


After the customer replies to the chat containing the order template, with just 1 click, the order is immediately recorded without the need to copy and paste into excel/other platforms


Remind customers who have not transferred according to the desired template, different every day, can call their name & order details

Customized BROADCAST

Send mass messages to personal, group, personal with certain tags/funnels, all can call names and other biodata variables so they don't feel like robots, intervals between messages are also prepared to avoid getting banned


Woocommerce (Completed)

Order Notifications and Automatic Instant Messaging Reminder to your Woocommerce's Customers are Ready

HTML, PHP, SQL (Completed)

Woowa already integrated to your custom website or web apps (Html, Php, Css, Js, SQL, etc)

Elementor (Completed)

Woowa already integrated to Elementor Page Builder especially Form/Contact Widget

Landingpress (Completed)

Woowa already integrated to theme & plugin Landingpress

Caldera Forms (Completed)

Woowa already integrated with Caldera Forms

Advanced Custom Field (Completed)

ACF is a wordpress plugin with 1 million+ users to enrich the features of the wordpress editor and create custom forms

Contact Form 7 (Completed)

Woowa already integrated with Contact Form 7

Gravity Form (Completed)

Woowa already integrated with Gravity Form

Fluent Form (Completed)

Send order notification from modified caldera form for ecommerce

Google From (Completed)

Woowa will send a WA notification after the respondent fills out the Google form that you distribute

Integromat (via API)

Tools to integrate with many platforms including google forms and others

Zapier (via API)

Tools to integrate with many platforms including google forms and others

Orderonline.id (completed)

Indonesian order management platform for creating form, storefront, and logistic monitoring

Clodeo.com (completed)

Indonesian order management platform to manage shippment, include COD monitoring

Merchant.id (completed)

Indonesian landingpage builder, order management, and shippment monitoring

Cepatlakoo (completed)

Woocommerce theme whose features have been enriched with the needs of Indonesian online shops such as shipping, tracking receipts, payment confirmation, payment gateway, FB Pixel, etc.

Kirim.email (completed)

Woowa will send a WA notification after the prospect submits the form. email

Sejoli (completed)

Woowa will send a WA notification after there is an order on the sejoli platform, along with other reminders and triggers

Auto Biznis Top (Completed)

Woowa has integrated with AutoBiznisTop membership & Email Autoresponder platform

WP Afiliasi Cafebisnis (Completed)

Woowa has integrated with wordpress Affiliate WP plugin

WAFU Cafebisnis (Completed)

WA Auto Follow Up, with a concept similar to an email autoresponder, there is a subscribe list, unsubscribe list, WAFU enriches the capabilities that can be done with Woowa

Pabbly (Completed)

A platform to automate all integrations, it can create automated workflows and transfer data between applications and services without manual effort.

Amember Pro (Completed)

Script membership to protect the products we sell in the form of digital goods or services.

WPFroms (Completed)

Plugin formulir kontak WordPress seret & lepas yang ramah pemula

Aturkuliner (Completed)

Culinary business management platform from shopping for raw materials, calculating food costs (hpp), and cashier POS

Utas (Completed)

Bio social media link management platform, can manage physical product orders to package delivery, digital products, ecourse, consulting, etc.

Mayar (Completed)

Platform to accept payments, manage customers, and sell physical, digital products, services, sell webinars, ecourses, etc.

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1-8 April 2021


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Woowa CRM is a Customer Relationship Management Application in the form of a Chrome Browser extension that integrates directly with your web.whatsapp to unleash superpowers in handling customers that is not available on the official version of web.whatsapp.

No, we are an independent service provider that only enriches its original WhatsApp features from outside.

NOT RECOMMENDED ! This service is not intended to do SPAM / send messages to random numbers that are not expected by the recipient (Unsolicited Message).

Just like sending WA messages to people who haven’t saved your contacts, the risk still exists if a large number of customers who receive your message either intentionally/unintentionally click ‘spam’ or ‘report’ in the message you sent. Even though the possibility is very small especially if you use WhatsApp for Business,

We minimize this risk even more by giving tips on how to avoid getting banned inside.

Woowa CRM is in the form of a browser chrome extension, as long as you use chromium-based browser (chrome, edge, opera, slimjet, etc), than it can be used on all operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.)

You don’t need to worry, the User Guide Video is fully available in the Member Area.

Woowa CRM has an Unlimited Customer Service License, meaning that you as the owner only need to subscribe to 1 license for all your CS, because all quick reply content, funnels, tags, saved messages, etc. are integrated and synchronized, so it is not possible to use many other owners with different business. But yes, we have affiliate program with lifetime good recurring commision for it.

We provide Group Support and Live Chat in the Member Area if you experience problems when using this tools.

If Woowa CRM doesn’t work at all, all the features don’t work, and our support team also fails to help you,

We will refund you 100% with NO QUESTIONS, except for those who buy from the affiliate

The terms of the Money Back Guarantee are a maximum of 7 days after the date of product purchase.

Of course not, prices can change at any time depending on new features in the future that add to the server load, increase the level of development difficulty, etc

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Woowa is not in partnership, sponsored or endorsed by Facebook, Inc.

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